9 Responses to “PATIALA NEWS: PSPCL Online Bill Payment System Down”

  1. Rupinder says:

    This shows the kind of irresponsible behavior on part of every govt. agency. All the private companies shift their servers as required but they don’t shut down their service just because one server has to be moved from one location to other. The proper solution would have been to set-up a server in Ludhiana and shift the code base and database via internet thus reducing the customer downtime to as low as 10 minutes.
    But since there is no one questioning the authorities, the common man suffers.
    I love my country but I hate the government.

  2. S.S.Padda says:

    Online bill payment system is still not working on 01.01.2011.PSPCL are befooling people in this matter.

  3. Amit Kumar says:

    Still the site is down as on 12/1/2011. We are in software development company and we know how much time it is required for shifting such servers. Don’t know who can help us on this issue.


  4. Baby says:

    Little knowledge is bad thing: this is totally suits to our Govt.

  5. kuldip kumar Ludhiana says:

    No information given about shedown . can we deposit L.S. Bill online

  6. Harbinder says:

    Status w.r.t. ONLINE payments remains the same till 04.04.2011.
    Perhaps PSEB was better than PSPCL.

  7. jatinder singh says:

    why online payment cannot be made? people have no time to stand in queues. Foolish must be thrown out of PSPCL Hurry up

  8. Vijay Kumar Preenja says:

    Ever since the news of online payment of bill by the PSPCL,I have been trying to pay the bill but in vain.
    The online viewing of the bill Tab when pressed I get the response that the account number [A21DE310655N]is incorrect.
    While pursuing the bill payment section through user ID, I get the message, “no bill can be displayed”.
    Even the automatic machines installed are not working properly. One has to visit these machines twice or thrice to pay the bills. Bill paying ques are ever swelling.
    The smallest companies have resorted to online bill payment, then what is the problem with PSPCL?
    Suggestion: Please run a parallel Electricity Department in Private hands, you wont find any taker of PSPCL.

  9. Surjit Singh says:

    All time bad server , open late time . Today is Last date of bill pay but server is not working so i not pay bill.

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